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  • Jeff’s Playlist: It’s A Beautiful Day

    Jeff’s Playlist: It’s A Beautiful Day

    This album keeps popping up after all these years. Thanks to Ron for planting the seed in my head and YouTube for making it possible to bring to you. It is a beautiful day. Enjoy.

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  • Reel Classics: The Odd Couple

    Reel Classics: The Odd Couple

    Oscar Madison is a New York sportswriter who is divorced from his wife and lives alone in an apartment building.  On Friday nights he has his poker-playing buddies over for a night of cards and camaraderie, and a member of this group is Felix Ungar.  One night Felix shows up late and is depressed and…

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  • Tink and Ram 5

    Tink and Ram 5

    “Ram, something’s been bothering me since our last meeting,” said Tink, breaking the silence, taking a sip of her coffee. “Well, when you were talking about that time,” she continued, “you used the terms ‘chinks’ and ‘gooks.’ I was a little taken aback by the terms.  Never heard you describe people that way before.” “Never had…

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  • Jeff’s Playlist: Twelve Dreams of Doctor Sardonicus

    Jeff’s Playlist: Twelve Dreams of Doctor Sardonicus

    Last week I presented a Spirit album that was a personal favorite of mine, Spirit of ’76. This week I would like to follow up with Spirit’s classic Twelve Dreams of Doctor Sardonicus. I don’t know where the album name came from but it never mattered because this was a fantastic album. Along with all…

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  • Local group expands community ties through musical harmonies

    Local group expands community ties through musical harmonies

    Local music brings communities together. The music is personal, a shared conversation between friends. Music that stirs emotions comes from a place of honesty within oneself; we identify with it because it speaks to a truth we often do not allow ourselves to feel or admit to. This is no easy feat. Homegrown artists reaching…

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  • Tink and Ram 4

    Tink and Ram 4

    “Mornin’, Ram.” “Mornin’, Tink,” he responded as she took her place in the chair on the opposite side of the thirty-inch round metal table which was part of the grouping of tables on the sidewalk in front of the storefront café that specialized in breakfast and lunch. “Nice change from the park bench,” Tink continued,…

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  • Jeff’s Playlist: Spirit of ’76

    Jeff’s Playlist: Spirit of ’76

    I’ve always liked Spirit and collected several of their recordings over the years. I had this double album back in 1975 and still enjoy the CD today.  An interesting bit about this band — and there are many — is that it began with a 14-year-old guitarist making music with his 42-year-old jazz drummer stepfather.…

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  • Reel Classics: A Hard Day’s Night

    Reel Classics: A Hard Day’s Night

    A film project by the United Artists studio that was initially thought of as a way to make a lot of money on the soundtrack turned out to be, in fact, an extremely profitable and highly regarded classic. Our Reel Classic today, A Hard Day's Night, is the first of a series of films with the…

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  • Common Milkweed

    Common Milkweed

    a monarch's treasure tended by the guardians gone with the fall winds

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  • Tink and Ram 3

    Tink and Ram 3

    Following a short pause while they both accustomed themselves to their new location, Tink asked, “Ram, do you believe in reincarnation?” “What?” was his somewhat startled response.  “Whatever brought that up?” “Oh, I just thought it was an interesting subject.  I was watching an old movie last night that had something to do with reincarnation…

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