Category: Personal Reflections

  • To Think and Give Thanks

    To Think and Give Thanks

    We all want to be happy. But what does that even mean? For most, it means having our health, a loving family, a job we enjoy, and financial stability. Yet we exist in a culture that conflates happiness with a consumption of goods rather than with our values. We’re told that luxury and convenience bring…

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  • Memories of Appalachia

    Memories of Appalachia

    I came across a family snapshot recently.  It dated back to my childhood and was of my aunt, grandmother, and great aunt.  Floodgates of memories came rushing to the surface.  The photo was taken at the family cemetery in eastern Kentucky.  I did not grow up in Appalachia.  I watched it from the outside.  It…

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  • Shaking the World in a Gentle Way

    Shaking the World in a Gentle Way

    When the feelings feel too big, trade your peace-stealing phone for something that gives comfort instead – a puppy with soft ears, a slice of perfectly toasted bread, a book you’ve read a hundred times and still love. Hug someone and forgive someone and send someone a text so they know you love them. Establish boundaries and…

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  • Me and Paul

    Me and Paul

    I’m not Paul. And my apologies to Paul if anyone thinks he’s me. It’s a persistent case of mistaken identity. One day recently, I was sitting near the entrance of Gaunce’s Deli & Café having a bowl of chili and a grilled cheese sandwich when a woman who was leaving with her friends or family…

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  • Chaos, the God of Emptiness

    Chaos, the God of Emptiness

    The ancient Greeks described the goddess Chaos (χάος) as the personification of primordial emptiness, the space that existed before time. Chaos is not a goddess, or not just a goddess anyway. She is a place, a state of being, the first thing to ever exist. Chaos played a fundamental, foundational role in the creation of our entire universe. Chaos teaches…

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  • Nonessential Employees and Transactions with Beauty

    Nonessential Employees and Transactions with Beauty

    I was recently cleaning out my desk drawers when I came across the letter I received in March 2020 from Frankfort politely asking me to shut down my business while the COVID-19 state of emergency raged, as I was considered a nonessential employee.  Nonessential employees are those who perform work that’s not considered necessary during…

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  • Ghosts and other scary things

    Ghosts and other scary things

    Halloween is upon us! It's the time of year when thoughts turn to things that go bump in the night -- all manner of scary stuff, mostly paranormal things like ghosts, goblins, and the like. I admit I love this stuff. I like scary movies -- not the gore-filled slasher movies, but the truly terror-inducing…

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  • For the Recovering Perfectionists

    For the Recovering Perfectionists

    As a recovering perfectionist, I am enamored with the idea of peace over perfectionism. Perfectionism is a trauma response and a completely valid reaction to a world seemingly gone mad, a way for us to (seemingly) exert a sense of control.  It worked for me for many years. I studied my way into a 4.0…

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  • The Great Balancing Act (or, Little Frogs Can’t Jump)

    The Great Balancing Act (or, Little Frogs Can’t Jump)

    Have you ever heard of the pumpkin toadlet? It is a very, very small frog from Brazil (all toads are frogs; the two terms are taxonomically meaningless). These cuties, which could easily fit on your thumbnail, have the smallest vestibular system of any vertebrate on record. Because the bones in their ears are so small, the fluid…

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  • On the Road Again

    On the Road Again

    I ran track for a short time in college. It was a total lark; the inane rules dictated you needed three women to compete in the broad jump and Centre College had only two. Ashley, the lead jumper, had heard I was a former gymnast and asked if I would consider being their third. “How…

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