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  • Common Milkweed

    Common Milkweed

    a monarch's treasure tended by the guardians gone with the fall winds

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  • Civil War Earthworks under the Milky Way

    Civil War Earthworks under the Milky Way

    It’s a steep but relatively short walk up to this site in Clark County. Built 160 years ago, the earthworks fort is one of a series built by the Union on bluffs along the Kentucky River to defend against Confederate troops crossing natural fords. Little remains of the original fort, but a portion of the…

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  • Paint Creek

    Paint Creek

    It was overcast when we visited this small waterfall. I carefully made my way down the steep bank to the water's edge and set up my tripod and camera. The water's edge was very rocky, and the tripod was in a precarious position, as was I. If I slipped, both the camera and I would…

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  • Early Fall Color at Grayson Lake State Park

    Early Fall Color at Grayson Lake State Park

    It feels like fall has been teasing us … or maybe I'm just being too impatient as I look forward to a beautiful Kentucky fall. We have had a little leaf color change around home, but mostly it's been the not very spectacular hues of brown and yellow of leaves shriveling up from lack of…

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  • September Milky Way

    September Milky Way

    A few weeks ago I made my way back up the hill next to our house to the same hayfield where I took my Super Blue Moon photo at the beginning of this month. That beautiful full moon was now a new moon, and conditions for photographing the Milky Way core were promising. Those round…

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  • The Idled Deere

    The Idled Deere

    Tobacco in the fields and hanging in the barns used to be a big part of our rural Clark County landscape. Tobacco is still grown here, but there are a lot fewer of those green and gold fields. I noticed the other day that some of those fields are already being cut. Whatever else you…

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  • Super Blue Moon

    Super Blue Moon

    I got the idea for this photo last week, after my neighbor mowed and baled his hay field on the hill above our house. The moon was going to look like a full moon both Wednesday and Thursday nights so there would be two chances to have a clear sky and try to make the…

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  • Eastern Tiger Swallowtail

    Eastern Tiger Swallowtail

    I am fortunate that my wife loves creating informal gardens around our place. She does the vast majority of the work, and I get to enjoy the benefits of the seasonal color and watching all the bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies that are attracted. I don't thank her enough for the beauty she has created. Our…

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  • Wanted: talented artists and storytellers!

    Wanted: talented artists and storytellers!

    WinCity Voices is thrilled to announce its call for talented storytellers and artists to participate in "The Voices of Winchester: A Night of Storytelling." Slated for Friday, October 6, 2023, at 7:30 PM at the Leeds Center for the Arts, this year's theme is 'Hope.' Embrace this opportunity to share your creativity with the community…

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  • Backroad Thoughts

    Backroad Thoughts

    Sometimes a roadside scene gets me thinking about how things used to be. This is one of those times. My wife and I were exploring the backroads. This time we crossed the 627 bridge into Madison County, made a left onto Red House Road, then turned east, traveling the roads that roughly parallel the southern…

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