Author: Chuck Witt

  • Code of conduct for SCOTUS: It’s a start, but quite inadequate

    Code of conduct for SCOTUS: It’s a start, but quite inadequate

    Well, the United States Supreme Court finally came out with a Code of Conduct for itself. The 14-page document was released on November 13, 2023, most likely as a response to increasing calls in the halls of Congress for such a code, in light of recent revelations about potential conflicts of interest among some of…

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  • Tink and Ram 5

    Tink and Ram 5

    “Ram, something’s been bothering me since our last meeting,” said Tink, breaking the silence, taking a sip of her coffee. “Well, when you were talking about that time,” she continued, “you used the terms ‘chinks’ and ‘gooks.’ I was a little taken aback by the terms.  Never heard you describe people that way before.” “Never had…

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  • Israel-Hamas war is as senseless as it is tragic

    Israel-Hamas war is as senseless as it is tragic

    What Hamas did in early October cannot be excused on any level.  The outright murder of civilians, including, as war always does, women and children is simply not pardonable.  It was an act both foolhardy and stupid and would never accomplish anything other than the utmost disdain from all reasonable people. And the almost-immediate official…

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  • Tink and Ram 4

    Tink and Ram 4

    “Mornin’, Ram.” “Mornin’, Tink,” he responded as she took her place in the chair on the opposite side of the thirty-inch round metal table which was part of the grouping of tables on the sidewalk in front of the storefront café that specialized in breakfast and lunch. “Nice change from the park bench,” Tink continued,…

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  • Survey reveals most Americans oppose book bans; partisan divisions revealed

    Survey reveals most Americans oppose book bans; partisan divisions revealed

    At the beginning of September 2022, the EveryLibrary Institute commissioned Embold Research to do a national survey regarding book banning.  Embold Research can be found online, and the content of that survey can be found on the EveryLibrary website including the questions as posed in the survey.  The survey included 1,223 registered voters and has…

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  • Tink and Ram 3

    Tink and Ram 3

    Following a short pause while they both accustomed themselves to their new location, Tink asked, “Ram, do you believe in reincarnation?” “What?” was his somewhat startled response.  “Whatever brought that up?” “Oh, I just thought it was an interesting subject.  I was watching an old movie last night that had something to do with reincarnation…

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  • The tyranny of the minority

    The tyranny of the minority

    There should be little doubt in anyone’s mind that the Congress and our political system are in the throes of some pretty awful disabilities right now. A new book The Tyranny of the Minority by Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt (available at the Clark County Public Library) provides good historical insight as to how we…

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  • Tink and Ram 2

    Tink and Ram 2

    “You’re late, Tink,” exclaimed Ram as Tink settled herself onto the bench.  He feigned petulance. “Yeah, sorry.  Had a call from the hospital just as I was leaving the house.” “Nothing serious, I hope,” offered Ram, now hoping that his greeting hadn’t sounded too harsh. “Nah.  Just the morning shift couldn’t find something that should…

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  • Tink and Ram I

    Tink and Ram I

    “Mornin’ Ram.” The cheery greeting coming from Tink was as bright as the day itself.  A modest breeze was blowing in from the southwest, sending scudding clouds across a sun-laden blue sky.  The leaves of all the trees surrounding the bench on which Ram sat were rustling in unison, imparting a low moaning to the…

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  • Debates reveal logical choice for governor of KY

    Debates reveal logical choice for governor of KY

    Some random thoughts on the last two debates between Governor Andy Beshear and Attorney General Daniel Cameron and the winding down of this campaign. The two debates took place on consecutive nights, the first on October 23rd on KET and the second on October 24th on WKYT.  The first was moderated by Renee Shaw and…

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