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  • Tink and Ram 5

    Tink and Ram 5

    “Ram, something’s been bothering me since our last meeting,” said Tink, breaking the silence, taking a sip of her coffee. “Well, when you were talking about that time,” she continued, “you used the terms ‘chinks’ and ‘gooks.’ I was a little taken aback by the terms.  Never heard you describe people that way before.” “Never had…

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  • Tink and Ram 4

    Tink and Ram 4

    “Mornin’, Ram.” “Mornin’, Tink,” he responded as she took her place in the chair on the opposite side of the thirty-inch round metal table which was part of the grouping of tables on the sidewalk in front of the storefront café that specialized in breakfast and lunch. “Nice change from the park bench,” Tink continued,…

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  • Tink and Ram 3

    Tink and Ram 3

    Following a short pause while they both accustomed themselves to their new location, Tink asked, “Ram, do you believe in reincarnation?” “What?” was his somewhat startled response.  “Whatever brought that up?” “Oh, I just thought it was an interesting subject.  I was watching an old movie last night that had something to do with reincarnation…

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  • Tink and Ram 2

    Tink and Ram 2

    “You’re late, Tink,” exclaimed Ram as Tink settled herself onto the bench.  He feigned petulance. “Yeah, sorry.  Had a call from the hospital just as I was leaving the house.” “Nothing serious, I hope,” offered Ram, now hoping that his greeting hadn’t sounded too harsh. “Nah.  Just the morning shift couldn’t find something that should…

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  • Tink and Ram I

    Tink and Ram I

    “Mornin’ Ram.” The cheery greeting coming from Tink was as bright as the day itself.  A modest breeze was blowing in from the southwest, sending scudding clouds across a sun-laden blue sky.  The leaves of all the trees surrounding the bench on which Ram sat were rustling in unison, imparting a low moaning to the…

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  • Walt and Ram, chapter 16

    Walt and Ram, chapter 16

    It was a bright, clear day, late in the morning and the temperature had already climbed to the lower 70s.  The only clouds hanging about were some cumulonimbus off to the northwest, which portended continuing good weather for the remainder of the day. Ram had arrived several minutes earlier at the park bench usually occupied…

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  • You’re in my House! (Conclusion)

    You’re in my House! (Conclusion)

    It was a rainy evening when Grant, Frankie, and Donna met with the Tri-State Paranormal Society in the parlor of the Prescott House. Grant was surprised by all of the technical equipment they had brought with them. Frankie and Donna were giddy with excitement. The investigators, Trae, Jeremy, Angie, and John, wanted to sit down…

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  • Walt and Ram, chapter 15

    Walt and Ram, chapter 15

    “Say, Walt," injected Ram, “I wanted to ask you.  Do you believe in UFOs?” Walt seemed somewhat startled by the question, coming as it did right out of the blue.  After a brief pause, he responded.  “Yep, sure do.” “Really?" responded Ram. “I would have thought that an old realist like you would have pooh-poohed any…

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  • Walt and Ram, chapter 14

    Walt and Ram, chapter 14

    “I got something for you,” said Ram as he reached into his shirt pocket and withdrew a slip of paper, handing it over to his friend. “What’s this?” asked Walt.  He accepted the piece of paper and unfolded it to find a page from a magazine advertising a group of canes, each shown with a…

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  • You’re in my House!

    You’re in my House!

    Madeline strolled through the library of her beautiful home perusing the books that were on the shelves. She loved being in the library. It was relaxing here. It cleared her mind. The house had been busy today with lots of cleaning. Madeline observed the work being done to make sure that everything was satisfactory. While…

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