Author: Jeff Brandt

  • Jeff’s Playlist: It’s A Beautiful Day

    Jeff’s Playlist: It’s A Beautiful Day

    This album keeps popping up after all these years. Thanks to Ron for planting the seed in my head and YouTube for making it possible to bring to you. It is a beautiful day. Enjoy.

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  • Jeff’s Playlist: Twelve Dreams of Doctor Sardonicus

    Jeff’s Playlist: Twelve Dreams of Doctor Sardonicus

    Last week I presented a Spirit album that was a personal favorite of mine, Spirit of ’76. This week I would like to follow up with Spirit’s classic Twelve Dreams of Doctor Sardonicus. I don’t know where the album name came from but it never mattered because this was a fantastic album. Along with all…

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  • Jeff’s Playlist: Spirit of ’76

    Jeff’s Playlist: Spirit of ’76

    I’ve always liked Spirit and collected several of their recordings over the years. I had this double album back in 1975 and still enjoy the CD today.  An interesting bit about this band — and there are many — is that it began with a 14-year-old guitarist making music with his 42-year-old jazz drummer stepfather.…

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  • Jeff’s Playlist: At Fillmore East

    Jeff’s Playlist: At Fillmore East

    This is the original release of The Allman Brothers Band’s Fillmore East concerts. There have been many re-releases with additional songs, but this is where it all started. It’s a good album full of great musicianship. If you’ve never heard this (where have you been?), you’ll love it.

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  • Jeff’s Playlist: Cornell 5/8/77

    Jeff’s Playlist: Cornell 5/8/77

    I have been a true Grateful Dead fan since early 1974. Over the years I have heard that the Dead’s performance on May 8, 1977 was considered by many fans as their best show ever. I recently came across this article which discusses the subject. I agree that this recording has all the good things…

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  • Jeff’s Playlist: Another Ticket

    Jeff’s Playlist: Another Ticket

    This album was released a couple of years before I graduated from college the first time. That was a very strange period in my life but at least I had a great soundtrack going on in the background as I muddled my way though. I managed to finish college that time and pass all the…

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  • Jeff’s Playlist: Steppenwolf Live

    Jeff’s Playlist: Steppenwolf Live

    My older brother had this album on vinyl back in the early ‘70s. It’s a great live performance by a true radical band that was fighting for justice and peace for all. I always liked it, and still do. I recently bought the CD version for my music library and thanks to YouTube I can…

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  • Jeff’s Playlist: Zuma

    Jeff’s Playlist: Zuma

    This is probably one of my favorite albums of all time. I have been a fan of Neil Young’s music for over 50 years now. Zuma is Young’s second studio album with Crazy Horse and is a classic by any standard. Released in 1975, this album found me wandering around aimlessly only a year out…

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  • Jeff’s Playlist: Thirds

    Jeff’s Playlist: Thirds

    Before Joe Walsh intruded into the Eagles . . . before he had a very successful solo career . . . he was in a band called James Gang. Walsh was with the James Gang for three studio albums and one live album. As the name implies, this is his third studio album with the…

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  • Jeff’s Playlist: T. Rex

    Jeff’s Playlist: T. Rex

    My older brother had this album lying around the house, so I was exposed to both the cover art and the music. The image on the cover is hard to forget, but the music isn’t. As I listen to it now I realize this music is still not my cup of tea, but Marc Bolan…

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