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  • Wanted: talented artists and storytellers!

    Wanted: talented artists and storytellers!

    WinCity Voices is thrilled to announce its call for talented storytellers and artists to participate in "The Voices of Winchester: A Night of Storytelling." Slated for Friday, October 6, 2023, at 7:30 PM at the Leeds Center for the Arts, this year's theme is 'Hope.' Embrace this opportunity to share your creativity with the community…

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  • Confessions of an aging road dog

    Confessions of an aging road dog

    We’ve been traveling three days now, with easy overnights in Missouri and Arkansas, launching our Midwest road trip on a promising note. Both states made lasting impressions with their natural beauty, vibrant downtowns, friendly locals, and abundance of armadillo roadkill. We’re in Kansas now, entranced by a cerulean sky topped with dollops of pillowy white…

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  • Healing in a world of hurt

    Healing in a world of hurt

    During the two-week run of beautiful weather just after Easter, a violent stomach bug came calling and knocked me for a loop. Jeff was sick too, but with a spring cold -- somehow miraculously sidestepping the virus that brought me literally to my knees. It’s never a good time to be sick, but during that…

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  • Haiku You!

    Haiku You!

    If you’re a regular reader of The Winchester Sun — and I hope you are — you know how lucky we are to have accomplished and knowledgeable columnist Bill McCann keeping us up on the local and regional art scene. In a March 28 Sun article, Bill put out word that the newspaper is seeking…

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  • It’s time to fly

    It’s time to fly

    The wind and I go way back, and our relationship is ... complicated. Throughout my life, this invisible but very tangible force of nature has at various times lulled, soothed, thrilled, frustrated, agitated, and terrified me (not unlike my long-gone cat Juniper — may she rest forever in peace — but that’s a story for…

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  • Taking stock in the new year

    Taking stock in the new year

    As the first month of the new year slips away, I realize I spent January taking stock, sifting through the physical and emotional accumulations of these past few years — years I can only describe as surreal. While rummaging recently in my art room piles, I came upon this watercolor-and-pen still life dated July 24,…

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  • Wintertime Whish

    Wintertime Whish

    The recent arctic freeze had us worried about the neighborhood cats that frequent our yard and drink from our ancient birdbath, which quickly turned into a miniature skating rink as the temperatures tanked and the snowflakes swirled. After a couple of anxious days without sighting these ferociously independent felines, I’m happy to report they are…

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  • The limitless sky

    The limitless sky

    We’ve had some unusual skies this November: a total lunar eclipse (a.k.a., “Blood Moon”), wildfire smoke, heavy fogs, out-of-nowhere snow showers, but my favorites have been the stunning sunsets. Autumn and winter bring to Clark County the most vivid sunups and downs of the year, thanks to changing weather patterns that quell the profuse scattering…

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  • Change is good

    Change is good

    Last year in this space I was gushing about gingkoes, this year I’m mad about maples. We are surrounded by beauty in Clark County — especially in autumn. When I made this small watercolor on rough-textured paper, I thought it lacked oomph, so I pulled out my black pen and started making little dots. As…

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  • Home is where the heart is

    Home is where the heart is

    It’s been 16 years since I came home to Winchester, and while I’ve never thought of myself as territorial, apparently I am. The house I grew up in, conveniently located across the street, is now owned and occupied by a lovely young couple — but I still consider it mine. When they do things like…

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