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  • Shaking the World in a Gentle Way

    Shaking the World in a Gentle Way

    When the feelings feel too big, trade your peace-stealing phone for something that gives comfort instead – a puppy with soft ears, a slice of perfectly toasted bread, a book you’ve read a hundred times and still love. Hug someone and forgive someone and send someone a text so they know you love them. Establish boundaries and…

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  • Just Rambling: Humanist group forming in Winchester

    Just Rambling: Humanist group forming in Winchester

    A couple of months ago, I happened to be discussing this with a friend who shares my Humanist life stance. Together, we decided to test the waters to see if there were others in Clark County who would be interested in starting a Facebook group for local Humanists. Within 24 hours, we had 24 members.…

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  • The tyranny of the minority

    The tyranny of the minority

    There should be little doubt in anyone’s mind that the Congress and our political system are in the throes of some pretty awful disabilities right now. A new book The Tyranny of the Minority by Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt (available at the Clark County Public Library) provides good historical insight as to how we…

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  • Me and Paul

    Me and Paul

    I’m not Paul. And my apologies to Paul if anyone thinks he’s me. It’s a persistent case of mistaken identity. One day recently, I was sitting near the entrance of Gaunce’s Deli & Café having a bowl of chili and a grilled cheese sandwich when a woman who was leaving with her friends or family…

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  • Tink and Ram 2

    Tink and Ram 2

    “You’re late, Tink,” exclaimed Ram as Tink settled herself onto the bench.  He feigned petulance. “Yeah, sorry.  Had a call from the hospital just as I was leaving the house.” “Nothing serious, I hope,” offered Ram, now hoping that his greeting hadn’t sounded too harsh. “Nah.  Just the morning shift couldn’t find something that should…

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  • Chaos, the God of Emptiness

    Chaos, the God of Emptiness

    The ancient Greeks described the goddess Chaos (χάος) as the personification of primordial emptiness, the space that existed before time. Chaos is not a goddess, or not just a goddess anyway. She is a place, a state of being, the first thing to ever exist. Chaos played a fundamental, foundational role in the creation of our entire universe. Chaos teaches…

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  • Tink and Ram I

    Tink and Ram I

    “Mornin’ Ram.” The cheery greeting coming from Tink was as bright as the day itself.  A modest breeze was blowing in from the southwest, sending scudding clouds across a sun-laden blue sky.  The leaves of all the trees surrounding the bench on which Ram sat were rustling in unison, imparting a low moaning to the…

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  • Debates reveal logical choice for governor of KY

    Debates reveal logical choice for governor of KY

    Some random thoughts on the last two debates between Governor Andy Beshear and Attorney General Daniel Cameron and the winding down of this campaign. The two debates took place on consecutive nights, the first on October 23rd on KET and the second on October 24th on WKYT.  The first was moderated by Renee Shaw and…

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  • Nonessential Employees and Transactions with Beauty

    Nonessential Employees and Transactions with Beauty

    I was recently cleaning out my desk drawers when I came across the letter I received in March 2020 from Frankfort politely asking me to shut down my business while the COVID-19 state of emergency raged, as I was considered a nonessential employee.  Nonessential employees are those who perform work that’s not considered necessary during…

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  • Ghosts and other scary things

    Ghosts and other scary things

    Halloween is upon us! It's the time of year when thoughts turn to things that go bump in the night -- all manner of scary stuff, mostly paranormal things like ghosts, goblins, and the like. I admit I love this stuff. I like scary movies -- not the gore-filled slasher movies, but the truly terror-inducing…

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