Author: Jim Trimble

  • Helping those who hurt

    Helping those who hurt

    In a recent sermon at Emmanuel Episcopal Church, I mentioned I was helping a homeless woman new to town who pushed the boundaries of my comfort zone. Before arriving at Emmanuel’s door, she had been at the hospital after leaving the Beacon of Hope Shelter. Before that, she had a brief stint at Eastern State…

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  • Questions and Answers

    Questions and Answers

    I think we go about a lot of our daily living posing -- sharing only stock questions and responses. Does this person really -- I mean, really -- want to know how my day has been? Do you have the actual time to hear how much I love you? Do we really want that person…

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  • Flags


    Flags are generally pieces of fabric with distinctive designs and colors. They are used as symbols, signaling devices, or decorations. We are familiar with national flags, patriotic symbols with a variety of interpretations, most often associated with militaristic associations because of their original and ongoing use in that area. Setting up a flag could mean…

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  • Persistence and Patience

    Persistence and Patience

    A Bible story I preached on recently told of a judge who kept getting bothered, day in and day out, by a widow who demanded justice against her opponent. It’s said that this judge had little respect for any god, or people for that matter. He kept denying this woman her requests; nevertheless, she persisted.…

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  • Sabbath


    I was privy to a livestream last week of the Winchester City Commission meeting. One of the items on the agenda was a motion to expand Sunday alcohol sales in the city from 1-8 pm to 11 am-10 pm. As always, residents are invited to speak to the motion, either for or against it. At…

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  • “Safe”


    When I leave the house, I go through the age-old ritual of making sure I have everything I need for my venture outside. Men usually tend to keep things in their pants pockets in this country, so I check for my keychain, wallet, phone, and, usually, a pocketknife. Mind you, all these are in my…

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  • Here’s to The Establishment?

    Here’s to The Establishment?

    [Richard] Rohr, a Roman Catholic monk and priest, is founding director of the Center for Action and Contemplation. I was honored to meet him while in seminary, and am always intrigued by his writings. I posted this quote on my Facebook Page a few weeks ago and it truly stuck with me. It’s the “lifestyle…

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  • On Work

    On Work

    This was just one person’s story of how his world is changing overnight. I hear countless more from struggling folks in the community with little or no income to even think of surviving properly. One guy shared that he was offered a job in town, but he had no savings to purchase work clothes, especially…

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  • On retreat

    On retreat

    I feel fortunate that my vocation and profession give value to true Sabbath and rest as practices of spiritual discipline, as a lot of folks can’t take this time away. Scripture has Jesus adapting to this on occasion. The Christian Church, too, has a Sabbath, but many treat it as a time to catch up…

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  • A peek behind the curtain

    A peek behind the curtain

    It was black and white, 15-inches across (diagonally), and sat on a wooden table shaped like a stop sign -- our first TV set. Our parents sat in comfy chairs while we four boys huddled on the floor to watch our shows. Then one evening, a Wednesday in July, with a rerun of The Bionic…

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