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  • Farmers Bank at Clintonville

    Farmers Bank at Clintonville

    Clintonville was settled in the late 18th century and was originally called Stipp’s Cross Roads after early settlers, John and George Stipp.  The name Clintonville came from the local Masonic chapter, organized in 1825 as the “De Witt Clinton Lodge.”  The crossroads was a thriving place well before the Civil War.  It had a tavern,…

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  • The Pigeon Roost

    The Pigeon Roost

    The “pigeon roost” was once a local landmark on Lulbegrud Creek.  The place was notorious in the late 18th century for the gathering of huge flocks of passenger pigeons.  The roost stood in a grove of trees on the west bank of Lulbegrud at the farthest eastern point of the creek in the easternmost corner…

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  • Old is new again

    Old is new again

    It will be a while before we see homegrown tomatoes and half-runner green beans, but visitors to opening day of the 2022 Winchester-Clark County Farmers Market may find flowers, strawberries, early vegetables, and a variety of finished products, from bread to wine. This Saturday, May 15, vendors will open the market under the long-anticipated new…

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  • Devil’s Backbone

    Devil’s Backbone

    There is a Devil’s Backbone that was once a well-known local landmark in northeastern Clark County.  It is located in an oxbow bend of Stoner Creek, about one mile northwest of Wades Mill. 

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  • Gone but not forgotten:  The Colerane House

    Gone but not forgotten: The Colerane House

    Horace Donia Colerane (1857-1922) was born enslaved on a farm in Jessamine County, Kentucky.  We know little of his early life.  His death certificate listed parents Morgan Colerane and Celia Brown.  Horace came to Winchester in 1875 and followed the occupation of plasterer.  (This was an important profession in the building trades, as drywall had…

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  • The “Crown Jewel” of South Main

    The “Crown Jewel” of South Main

    Often referred to as one of the “Crown Jewels” of Main Street, the Bluegrass Heritage Museum occupies a historic Romanesque Revival building on South Main Street that once housed the Guerrant Clinic. The museum covers the history of the Bluegrass people and places from the Eskippakithiki Indian settlements to the modern era. Recently Chuck Witt…

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  • New bike route runs through Clark County, downtown Winchester

    New bike route runs through Clark County, downtown Winchester

    Have you noticed the new signs around town? Along Boone Avenue, South Maple, North Main, and on to Mt. Sterling Road, the new US Bike Route 21 signs have appeared.  The des­ig­nat­ed bike route, which runs through Clark County from the Madison County line north to Bourbon County, was des­ig­nat­ed last year. Signs were recent­ly…

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