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  • Enjoying Kentucky’s four seasons

    Enjoying Kentucky’s four seasons

    Note: Although I wrote this piece for The Sun one year ago, it is appro­pri­ate for this time of year. Any year. —Pete I went out for my usu­al ear­ly morn­ing walk recent­ly and took in a gor­geous autumn spec­ta­cle. A crys­tal blue sky ruled over a land­scape burst­ing with fall col­ors: pur­ple dog­woods, bril­liant…

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  • Return of the “Jewel of Main Street”

    Return of the “Jewel of Main Street”

    The theater was dark, save for a small light on the stage. Known as a “ghost light,” it’s a tradition that goes back perhaps a hundred years or more. Theaters used to leave one light on when the house lights were dark and the building was empty.

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  • Talking to the dead – a skeptic’s story

    Talking to the dead – a skeptic’s story

    When my niece was a lit­tle child, my sis­ter was star­tled to hear her laugh­ing and talk­ing to some­one when only the two of them were at home. “Who are you talk­ing to?” Kim asked as she burst into her daughter’s bedroom. “That lady there in the win­dow,” Kamille answered. “She’s wav­ing to me.” There was no…

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  • Reflection


    Last week was book­end­ed by two deaths that hit me hard. On Monday, Stephanie died of sui­cide, and on Friday, Suzanne died after a long illness. I met Stephanie when I start­ed to serve St. James’ Church in Oldham County. She was one of the preschool teach­ers. She adored kids, was nev­er with­out a smile…

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  • Gruden is gone for now, but laughing all the way to the bank

    Gruden is gone for now, but laughing all the way to the bank

    John Gruden. What a piece of work. Over a peri­od of ten years he filled Facebook with vit­ri­olic rant­i­ngs against LGBTQs, NFL man­age­ment, NFL play­ers and even Presidents Obama and Biden. Now Mr. Gruden has resigned his posi­tion as head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders but had four years left on his ten-year, $100 mil­lion con­tract…

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  • Eric Clapton broke my heart

    Eric Clapton broke my heart

    My gui­tar teacher Steve thumbed through the fold­er that con­tained all of the songs I have learned to play in the last decade. “Let’s do Wonderful Tonight,” he sug­gest­ed. Izzie set down her acoustic and plugged her elec­tric into the amp. Together we do a killer cov­er. But not today. I crossed my arms across my…

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  • Proud USPS faces existential challenges

    Proud USPS faces existential challenges

    The United States Postal Service, here­inafter referred to as USPS, has under­gone tremen­dous change over its life­time, from the ear­li­est days — when it tried to emu­late postal deliv­ery in England and Benjamin Franklin’s over­sight — to today’s high­ly mech­a­nized service. Regrettably, the Service today faces onslaughts from those with­in and out­side of Congress who…

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  • Black history in Clark County is deep and enduring

    Black history in Clark County is deep and enduring

    As Black History Month winds down, I’m remind­ed of a cou­ple of columns I wrote last February about my tour of Winchester’s African-American Heritage Trail. I learned so much about the rich his­to­ry of African Americans in Clark County through the years. I’d like to recount a few high­lights of what I learned and wrote…

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