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  • McEldowney Building restoration nearing completion

    McEldowney Building restoration nearing completion

    Downtown Winchester is experiencing something of a renaissance with the opening of new restaurants, boutique shops, a microbrewery, and even a distillery. Largely overlooked, however, is one of its biggest restoration projects, the McEldowney Building.   The tallest commercial building in the heart of downtown had seen better days when two young investors, Adam Kidd, and…

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  • McMillan’s Spring

    McMillan’s Spring

    McMillan’s Spring is located near the bridge on Old Boonesboro Road a little south of Heather Lane.  On the east side of the bridge, a small stream flows into Lower Howard’s Creek through a handsome water gap with two stone posts.  The spring lies a short distance up that small stream. Kentucky’s pioneer settlers were…

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  • Black Hoof

    Black Hoof

    Indian Old Fields is one of the most historic places in Clark County.  Geographically situated in the extreme eastern end of the county, it is a 3,500-acre plain of fertile soils perched between Lulbegrud Creek and Upper Howard’s Creek.  The area can be reached from Winchester by Highway 15 or the Mountain Parkway. Native Americans…

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  • John Robert Shaw, Well-Digger

    John Robert Shaw, Well-Digger

    I have a special fondness for authors who make me laugh.  Among my favorites are P. G. Wodehouse, Gerald Durrell (brother of more famous Lawrence), David Sedaris, and Bill Bryson.  Bryson’s Walk in the Woods led me to a whole series of his autobiographical comedies.  He introduced the misfit Katz, with whom he later hiked…

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  • J. R. Buckwalter, Lumberman

    J. R. Buckwalter, Lumberman

    Sometimes, when looking into the history of an interesting house, one happens to find an owner with a fascinating story.  So it was with the Buckwalter House at 457 South Maple Street.  The so-called “Blue Book”—Survey of Historic Sites in Kentucky: Clark County —provides a description of the two-and-a-half-story brick residence: “The house was built…

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  • George E. Tomlinson, Lumberman

    George E. Tomlinson, Lumberman

    George Edward Tomlinson (1873-1953) came to Kentucky from Michigan and made a name for himself in Winchester.  He proved his business acumen in the lumber industry, starting a company that still carries on today.  Tomlinson also took a major role in the civic life of the city.  Born in Bay City, Michigan, George Tomlinson grew…

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  • The Last Commander of Fort Fremont: Capt. Charles D. Winn

    The Last Commander of Fort Fremont: Capt. Charles D. Winn

    I had never heard of Fort Fremont until last week at yoga class when Vincent and Zella Rosenthal handed me a Friends of Fort Fremont newsletter they brought back from their South Carolina vacation.  The fort, erected by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in 1899, formed part of the coastal defenses built during the…

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  • Boone Family in Clark County

    Boone Family in Clark County

    The Boone family left their mark in Clark County before we became a county in 1792.  As it turns out, the most famous Boone left his footprints all over the county.  For example, Lulbegrud Creek on our eastern border was named by Daniel Boone while camping there in 1770, and Boone Creek on our western…

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  • Sainte Interview: ‘People in this district deserve better’

    Sainte Interview: ‘People in this district deserve better’

    “People don't want to say that our current legislature has gone so far ‘right’ that they're ‘wrong.’ They don't want to talk about how corrupt they are and how they sell their influence, and how they hide where their money comes from. And they're not even apologetic about it — they do it right out…

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  • Love’s the higher law – Bono’s faith journey

    Love’s the higher law – Bono’s faith journey

    Paul David Hewson had the brightest spotlight on the planet, and he was going to use it for good. As 86 million people watched the Super Bowl XXXVI halftime show, the singer, known as Bono of U2, gave a joyful rendition of “Beautiful Day.” Then, as the sweet lament of “MLK” flowed into the opening…

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