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  • Attend a fun learning experience

    Attend a fun learning experience

    This Saturday, February 19, from 6 to 8 p.m., First Baptist Church is presenting “A Tribute to Black History: Our Heritage, Our Culture.” I have registered to attend via the FBC Winchester Facebook page, and hope you do also.  Registration is encouraged, but not required.  Masks are required.   

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  • Swift’s Lost Silver Mines

    Swift’s Lost Silver Mines

    Few things stir the imagination more than tales of lost treasure and indescribable quantities of gold, silver, or rare jewels.  This helps explain why Jonathan Swift’s lost silver mines still excite treasure hunters in Kentucky today.  Although the legend is now more than two centuries old, interest in the lost mines has barely dimmed over…

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  • Gone but not forgotten:  The Colerane House

    Gone but not forgotten: The Colerane House

    Horace Donia Colerane (1857-1922) was born enslaved on a farm in Jessamine County, Kentucky.  We know little of his early life.  His death certificate listed parents Morgan Colerane and Celia Brown.  Horace came to Winchester in 1875 and followed the occupation of plasterer.  (This was an important profession in the building trades, as drywall had…

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