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  • Jeff’s Playlist: cure for pain

    Jeff’s Playlist: cure for pain

    This is a wonderful album with some heart-wrenching lyrics and great melodies. I was first introduced to this band by an independent record store owner in Richmond. I can’t tell you how lucky I felt to know this guy. His store was a great source of music for me — and sometimes at a discount!

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  • Jeff’s Playlist: Achtung Baby

    Jeff’s Playlist: Achtung Baby

    U2 has been putting out good music for over 35 years, and the band’s popularity continues to grow. Wikipedia’s current discography lists “15 studio albums, one live album, three compilation albums, 83 singles, and nine extended plays (EPs).”

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  • Jeff’s Playlist: Yellow Submarine

    Jeff’s Playlist: Yellow Submarine

    Ringo was born on this day (July 7) in 1940. For his 83rd birthday, I would like to present the album that showcased a couple of his most beloved songs, “Yellow Submarine” and “With a Little Help From my Friends.” This is The Beatles’  third movie soundtrack album and features many of the group’s hits.…

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  • Jeff’s Playlist: L.A. Woman

    Jeff’s Playlist: L.A. Woman

    From first to last: last week’s playlist was The Doors’ first album, and this is their last. Spanning only four years and six studio albums, The Doors created quite a stir in the music industry. Unfortunately, when Jim Morrison died, the band fell apart. The three remaining members tried to put out more music as…

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  • Jeff’s Playlist: The Doors

    Jeff’s Playlist: The Doors

    I watched Apocalypse Now a while back and figured this album belongs on my playlist. Themes from “The End” were used throughout the film, and you have to admit that “The End,” clocking in at over 11 minutes, can be a surreal experience. I always loved this album and have collected all of The Doors’…

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  • Jeff’s Playlist: Blue Oyster Cult

    Jeff’s Playlist: Blue Oyster Cult

    This is Blue Oyster Cult’s first album. My older brother had this album when I was a sophomore in high school. Twenty years later, we saw BOC at a Lexington strip club out on Athens-Boonesboro Road. They were very loud but actually pretty good. Nearly 50 years and at least 14 studio albums and countless…

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  • Jeff’s Playlist: Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere

    Jeff’s Playlist: Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere

    This is Neil Young’s second album and his first with Crazy Horse. I’m writing this as I sit here in Rapid City, SD, a couple of days after visiting the Crazy Horse Monument. The monument is quite a thing to see, and this album is quite a thing to hear. This record began Young’s association…

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  • Jeff’s Playlist: Laid Back

    Jeff’s Playlist: Laid Back

    I don’t know where that extra ‘g’ came from, but I’ve seen it both ways. We’ll just go with "Gregg" for now. I have been listening to this album since it was released in 1973. That was such a great year for rock releases and, in my opinion, the best. This is a classic example…

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  • Jeff’s Playlist: Grateful Dead 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

    Jeff’s Playlist: Grateful Dead 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

    This album is not for the faint of heart. Only a true "Dead Head" can appreciate it. This may be the first fully recorded and released Dead concert (but not released until 2017.) It’s a real hoot. Sit back and let it blow whatever mind you can muster.

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  • Jeff’s Playlist: Shadows and Light

    Jeff’s Playlist: Shadows and Light

    I had this album years ago. It’s a jewel and worth listening to straight through, all 84 minutes. The recently aired Library of Congress Gershwin Prize tribute to Joni on PBS rekindled my love for her. I know you’ll like it.

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