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James Gang — Thirds

Before Joe Walsh intrud­ed into the Eagles . . . before he had a very suc­cess­ful solo career . . . he was in a band called James Gang. Walsh was with the James Gang for three stu­dio albums and one live album. As the name implies, this is his third stu­dio album with the group.

The line­up for the first three stu­dio albums con­sist­ed of the trio of Joe Walsh, Dale Peters, and Jim Fox. This is prob­a­bly their best received album and my favorite. If you’ve nev­er heard it, you’re in for a real treat. If you have heard it before, give it anoth­er lis­ten. I know you’ll enjoy it either way.

Album Information

Track list­ing

Side one

“Walk Away” – (Joe Walsh) – 3:32 Joe Walsh – gui­tar, vocals, “train wreck” Dale Peters – bass Jim Fox – drums

“Yadig?” – (Peters, Fox, Walsh) – 2:30 Joe Walsh – gui­tar, elec­tric piano Dale Peters – upright bass Jim Fox – drums, vibraphone

“Things I Could Be” – (Fox) – 4:18 Jim Fox – drums, vocals, organ Joe Walsh – gui­tar Dale Peters – bass

“Dreamin’ in the Country” – (Peters) – 2:57 Dale Peters – bass, vocals Joe Walsh – gui­tar, ped­al steel gui­tar Jim Fox – drums, tack piano

“It’s All the Same” – (Walsh) – 4:10 Joe Walsh – gui­tar, vocals, piano Dale Peters – bass Jim Fox – drums

Side two

“Midnight Man” – (Walsh) – 3:28 Joe Walsh – gui­tar, lead vocals Dale Peters – bass, back­ing vocals Jim Fox – drums Bob Webb – back­ing vocals Mary Sterpka – back­ing vocals, lead vocals on the third chorus

“Again” – (Walsh) – 4:04 Joe Walsh – gui­tar, vocals, elec­tric piano, vio­lin arrange­ments Dale Peters – bass Jim Fox – drums

“White Man / Black Man” – (Peters) – 5:39 Dale Peters – bass, lead vocals Joe Walsh – gui­tar, piano Jim Fox – drums The Sweet Inspirations – back­ing vocals

“Live My Life Again” – (Fox) – 5:26 Jim Fox – drums, pianos Joe Walsh – gui­tar, vocals Dale Peters – bass


James Gang

Joe Walsh – gui­tars, vocals, acoustic and elec­tric pianos, ped­al steel gui­tar, sound effects, “train wreck” (not­ed on the album cov­er; this ref­er­ence is to the mul­ti­ple cas­cad­ing and heav­i­ly dis­tort­ed gui­tars at the end of “Walk Away”)

Dale Peters – bass gui­tar, vocals, upright bass

Jim Fox – drums, vocals, per­cus­sion, piano, organ, vibraphone

Guest musi­cians

Bob Webb – back­ing vocals on “Midnight Man”

Tom Baker – horns

Mary Sterpka – back­ing vocals on “Midnight Man”

The Sweet Inspirations – back­ing vocals on “White Man/Black Man”


James Gang & Bill Szymczyk – producers

Bill Szymczyk – engineer

Kenneth Hamann – engineer

Eddie Youngblood – engineer

Dale Peters & Jim Fox – reis­sue lin­er notes

Tom Wilkes – cov­er design

Tom Wright – cov­er design, photography

Released    April 1971

Recorded    Fall 1970

Studio          Record Plant, Los Angeles Cleveland Recording Company, Cleveland Hit Factory, New York City

Length         36:02

Label           ABC Records

Producer     James Gang & Bill Szymczyk

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