Jeff’s Playlist: Cornell 5/8/77

Grateful Dead — Cornell 5/8/77

For my 67th birth­day today, I’ve decid­ed to do some­thing a bit dif­fer­ent — present a three-hour con­cert album by my favorite band. 

I have been a true Grateful Dead fan since ear­ly 1974. Over the years I have heard that the Dead’s per­for­mance on May 8, 1977 was con­sid­ered by many fans as their best show ever. I recent­ly came across this arti­cle which dis­cuss­es the sub­ject. I agree that this record­ing has all the good things the Dead had to offer at this time in their long career, includ­ing a lengthy set list with lots of clas­sic tunes. 

Pig Pen (Ron McKernan) had been gone since 1973, Keith and Donna had been with the band since 1972, Mickey Hart was back as a sec­ond per­cus­sion­ist (Bill Kruetzman first), and Garcia, Weir, and Lesh were in fine form.

The con­cert had been avail­able as a boot­leg record­ing for years but was offi­cial­ly released in 2017, so I bought it. 1977 was a very good year for the Grateful Dead: they released the album Terrapin Station, and as usu­al, played many con­certs through­out the country.

See what you think.

Album Information

First set:

“New Minglewood Blues” (tra­di­tion­al, arranged by Grateful Dead) – 5:34
“Loser” (Jerry Garcia, Robert Hunter) – 7:58
“El Paso” (Marty Robbins) – 4:51
“They Love Each Other” (Garcia, Hunter) – 7:29
“Jack Straw” (Bob Weir, Hunter) – 6:29
“Deal” (Garcia, Hunter) – 6:10
“Lazy Lightning” > (Weir, John Perry Barlow) – 3:26
“Supplication” (Weir, Barlow) – 4:48
“Brown-Eyed Women” (Garcia, Hunter) – 5:49
“Mama Tried” (Merle Haggard) – 3:12
“Row Jimmy” (Garcia, Hunter) – 11:14“Dancing in the Street” (William Stevenson, Marvin Gaye, Ivy Jo Hunter) – 16:32

Second set:

“Scarlet Begonias” > (Garcia, Hunter) – 11:15
“Fire on the Mountain” (Mickey Hart, Hunter) – 15:40
“Estimated Prophet” (Weir, Barlow) – 8:49
“St. Stephen” > (Garcia, Phil Lesh, Hunter) – 5:03
“Not Fade Away” > (Norman Petty, Charles Hardin) – 16:20
“St. Stephen” > (Garcia, Lesh, Hunter) – 1:54
“Morning Dew” (Bonnie Dobson, Tim Rose) – 14:17
“One More Saturday Night” (Weir) – 5:10

Jerry Garcia – gui­tar, vocals
Donna Jean Godchaux – vocals
Keith Godchaux – key­boards
Mickey Hart – drums
Bill Kreutzmann – drums
Phil Lesh – bass
Bob Weir – gui­tar, vocals

Produced by Grateful Dead
Produced for release by David Lemieux
Recording: Betty Cantor-Jackson
Mastering: Jeffrey Norman
Tape restora­tion and speed cor­rec­tion: Jamie Howarth, John Chester
Packaging man­ag­er: Shannon Ward
Poster art: Jay Mabrey
Art direc­tion, design: Masaki Koike
Photos: John Reis, Doran Tyson, Michael Wesley Johnson, Lawrence Reichman
Liner notes essay “Myth, Memory, Mystery, and the History of Cornell ‘77”: Nicholas G. Meriwether
Executive pro­duc­er: Mark Pinkus
Associate pro­duc­ers: Doran Tyson, Ivette Ramos
Tapes pro­vid­ed through the assis­tance of: ABCD Enterprises, LLC
Tape research: Michael Wesley Johnson
Archival research: UC Santa Cruz Grateful Dead Archive

Released   May 5, 2017
Recorded  May 8, 1977
Length       3:00:02
Venue        Cornell Barton Hall Ithaca NY

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