• Remembering our veterans
    Remembering our veterans

    November 10th is the 246th birth­day of the U.S. Marine Corps, found­ed at Tun Tavern in Philadelphia in 1775 Semper Fi, Marines! And the 11th will be the 102nd anniver­sary of Armistice Day, pro­claimed by Woodrow Wilson in 1919 at the con­clu­sion of World War I, the “war to end all wars.” The day was not…

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  • Casting out demons
    Casting out demons

    Louis Melgoza believes in evil spir­its, not because he’s read or heard about them, but because he’s heard them, seen them, felt them. He’s fought them. They are real, he says, and they’re all around us. In my All Hallows Eve col­umn, “Talking with the Dead,” I men­tioned that a demo­nolo­gist had told me ghosts were…

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  • Reaching

    I watched as you climbed a tree todayThe tree was small but so are you.You scram­bled among the branch­esAs if explor­ing new and strange lands.You gazed out through the leaf­less limbsAwed by the views for one so high,Grasping ten­ta­tive­ly at each limbAnd cau­tious­ly plac­ing your feet for bal­ance.You inched your way ever high­erAs I stared…

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  • Table talk & putting your life on notice
    Table talk & putting your life on notice

    While lying on the floor recent­ly work­ing out some kinks, I noticed some­thing I had nev­er seen before. On the under­side of a bed­side table that’s been in our home for at least two decades, there was writ­ing. Intrigued, I scoot­ed clos­er to read the black stamped let­ter­ing: NO X 17 LAMP TABLE SPICE BROWN…

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  • Chuck Witt: untitled 3
    Chuck Witt: untitled 3

    After resum­ing paint­ing this still life was an exam­i­na­tion of light and shad­ow.  It shows a timid­i­ty of style while still work­ing out the nuances of both and grap­pling with the prop­er bal­ance of col­or and void spaces.

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  • Enjoying Kentucky’s four seasons
    Enjoying Kentucky’s four seasons

    Note: Although I wrote this piece for The Sun one year ago, it is appro­pri­ate for this time of year. Any year. —Pete I went out for my usu­al ear­ly morn­ing walk recent­ly and took in a gor­geous autumn spec­ta­cle. A crys­tal blue sky ruled over a land­scape burst­ing with fall col­ors: pur­ple dog­woods, bril­liant…

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